Monday, May 1, 2017

Pizza Corner is known as 'Dubai's original Pizza restaurant' since it was established 44 years ago based in Deira, the commerical hub of Dubai, generating large amounts of revenue from trade before tourism flourished in the dawn of the new millennium.

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The restaurant has 5 types of vegetarian pizzas and 15 types of non-vegetarian pizzas. In the vegetarian options, prices range from 37-42 dhs as they offer standard veg pizzas with cheese, onions, tomatoes, hot chilli, mushrooms and paneer. Whereas, the non-vegetarian pizzas' prices vary from 36-42 dhs as the types vary from Chicken Fajita to Barbeque to 'Fritti Di Mare' and much more.

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Alongside, The Pizza Corner serves pastas, sandwiches and burgers. In pastas, they serve fettuccine, spaghetti and lasagne offered with multiple flavors such as tomato sauce, meat sauce or even creamy white sauce. Meanwhile, they offer basic sandwiches in either chicken, eggs or vegetables and standard burgers in either egg, cheese, vegetarian or chicken. Additionally, they offer a wide range of chicken, seafood, steaks and kababs.

The Pizza Corner is one of the sponsors for the annual Media and Communication Research Analysis Wing(MCRAW) conference held at Manipal University, Dubai Campus on May 2.

Written by Viraj Asher


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